Sometimes… Dating Sucks

Don’t let this blog fool you. There are times when I think, “fuck, this dating thing blows balls.” Sometimes you find out your ex is dating a 40-year-old who is “more than just a mom,” sometimes you think a German guy is really cute but you find out he’s an asshole, sometimes you have a great guy standing in front of you and you just aren’t as interested as you should be.

It sucks. It’s illogical. But… after a day or two of that feeling, you’ll be back to thinking, “hell yeah, this single thing rocks! I have no one to answer to, no one to bitch at for XYZ, I do what I want, when I want, with who I want…”

I talked to some friends last night, and, while this isn’t a new revelation, it helps to think about when you think dating sucks, I am not getting married until I feel the “I don’t care when, where or how I marry you. I’d marry you in a trash bag in a courthouse, as long as I get to spend the rest of my life with you” feeling.

And when you think about that… you realize, any time spent with guys like LDL or German is ultimately a waste of time. It’s emotionally taxing, it’s exhausting… why put yourself through it?

Now, I’m not saying don’t date someone who you think you won’t marry, because that can still be fun. What I am saying is don’t waste your time on someone that does anything other than lift you up, have fun with you, make you laugh and give you butterflies. Once that’s gone… say see ya if you’re not interested in the long haul. It’ll save you a lot of trouble. And heartache.

Then you keep on climbing, because your perfect fruit is out there!

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